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Do you speak ‘Team-ese’ or ‘Boss-ese’?

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How To Choose The Best Executive Coach For You?

There are over 10,000 coaches in Australia. So, choosing the best Executive Coach for you can be a real challenge. Executive Coaching is a significant investment in time, energy and money, and the right coach will have a huge and positive impact on your future. Getting the wrong coach for you will be an expensive waste of time at best and can be downright disastrous.

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Hot Links To Learning - Leadership in 2017

This weeks' Hot Links To Learning theme is Leadership. We’ve collated several articles, videos, and a book for you, offering insight on how anyone can be a leader on a personal and professional level.

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New year, new look - Hot Links To Learning


Happy New Year by the Gregorian Calendar and Dionysian or Common Era! Wishing you health and happiness for the year ahead...and beyond, of course! Hard to believe we’re here in 2017 already....

Welcome to our first Hot Links to Learning for 2017!

A holiday break and a new year often lead people to reflect and consider a change for themselves, personally and/or professionally. Reflection is great, intention and vision are fantastic, but action is what it takes to get things done. As stated by Michael Jordan:

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

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Executive Coaching - 6 Tips to Help you Choose the Best Coach

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Hot Links to Learning - Leadership and Coaching

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Executive Coaching - 19 Aug 2016

"A manager provides solutions to people's problems. A coaching leader develops people's thinking to empower people to solve problems for themselves."

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10 Practical Tips to Build a Successful Coaching Business

10 practical tips to help you build a successful coaching business.

Building a coaching business is tough. Coaching is a hard sell. The reality of building a coaching business (and any business) is often not what people envisaged when they decided to start out on their own.

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